Hatches and Matches
Friday, 22 December 2023
As always, here are a few Old Andreans who have either gotten married or had babies over the last few months. A huge congratulations to all of them! 

Harry Marquis - Match 

Harry Marquis (OA2010) tied the knot with Lauren Reid in New York City in October

Andrew Cameron (OA2016) - Match 

Andrew Cameron (OA2016) married Emma Lloyd on November 18th this year in the Hunter Valley. Neve Cameron (OA2022) also featured as a bridesmaid. 

Jess Gregory - Hatch 

Jess Gregory - nee Ashcroft (OA2009) welcomed Charlotte Rae Gregory into the world on December 1st this year. 

Lucy Bailes (OA2002) - Hatch

Lucy Bailes (OA2002) had a little girl on October 27th this year. Annabelle Rose Rickard-Bailes was born at 4:47am and according to Lucy "we could not be happier. Or more sleep deprived". 

Sophia Tesolin - Hatch 

Sophia Tesolin - nee Blades (OA2013) had a baby boy on November 10th this year. Emilio Josh Tesolin is doing excellently. 

James Beaver (OA2009) - Hatch 

James Beaver (OA2009) and his wife Anna welcomed their second child Henry into the world on 1st December. Here is a picture of baby Henry with big sister Claire.