Thongophone finds a permanent home on our freshly renovated rooftop
Wednesday, 30 August 2023

Do you remember the huge xylophone contraption used in the music department? It has now found a new home on our freshly renovated rooftop. Here’s the story behind it and how it came to be.  

The instrument affectionately called a ‘Thongophone ‘is more than 2m long and 1m wide and is played by using a thong to hit the right pipe, which in turn plays the right note! 

The musical contraption was the brainchild of a bunch of students who worked on a project in 2007 called ‘Create the Beat’, led by our legendary Director of Performing Arts, the Late Chris Belshaw OAM.  

Students – now Old Andreans - were invited to make their own musical instruments using a huge range of different materials and to no one’s surprise, their creativity did not disappoint. The project culminated in a big performance in Sydney Square and the Thongophone – of which there were FOUR at the time – made a prominent appearance.  

The Thongophone was also used at subsequent performances and showcases, but over the last decade has been lying dormant in our music department. We have decided to resurrect the Thongophone and place it on the rooftop so everyone can experience the joy of playing it.  

Check it out next time you’re up there and have a go!