Old Andreans at SACS - Zac Andrews (OA2020)
Monday, 15 May 2023

As part of our series of Old Andreans at SACS, we caught up with Zach Andrews (OA2020) who works in our IT department.  

We have 19 Old Andreans on permanent staff here and almost 100 OAs on casual staff!  

Here’s what he had to say -  

SJ: What is your role at SACS and how long have you been working here? 

ZA: So I'm a AV and IT technician and I started in October of 2021. So just over a year and a half. 

 SJ: What motivated you to come back to SACS? 

ZA: Another Old Andrean invited me back originally. He suggested me for the position, and he said that the culture at SACS was really enjoyable, especially in the IT department. It's a really close-knit community and I think that makes the work more enjoyable. 

 SJ: What was it like for you going to SACS? 

ZA: It was good.  I did the International Baccalaureate and I think depending on who you talk to - viewpoints will change drastically - but I really enjoyed doing it. Being in the centre of the city definitely helped broaden my horizons. You know, it helped me learn to travel the city. Helped me be independent and I think that really helped me as a person.  

SJ: Did you start from Year 7?  

ZA: Yeah, so I started in Year 7. And then all the way into Year 12.   

SJ: What was the naughtiest thing you did at school 

ZA: Oh, my goodness. You're talking to the wrong person here.  I wasn't that naughty a person. I think maybe crossing the city boundaries once or twice happened. But that's as far as I'm going to say! 

I remember in Year 12 on gala day for some unknown reason someone decided that every single boy in the Senior College should go into the bathroom at once. So, we all piled into a bathroom, and I think it was Mr Lindsay at the time who came and told us to get out. So, we all left and then went to a different bathroom. I think there were like 100 of us ploughing into these bathrooms.  

SJ: How has being an Old Andrean affected your role here? 

ZA: I think it definitely makes working here a lot easier. Knowing a lot of people to begin with and knowing where the spaces are, especially in my role - it helps a lot.  It's useful when I'm fixing up all the venues and classrooms, all the projectors and speakers and stuff. 

SJ: What else do you do when you're not working? 

ZA: So, I'm a third-year student at UNSW. I'm studying a double degree of law and mechanical engineering. Which is really interesting, but it's a lot of work outside so I'm doing that full time. I like working on cars and motorbikes. I enjoy doing engineering, so I love making things. I have a 3D printer at home. I love music, I play the saxophone. I love skiing too!