Music Tour Reunion hits high notes
Monday, 15 May 2023

On Friday 21st April we held our first-ever Music Tour Reunion.  

This reunion forms a part of our activity-based reunion series. Feedback from Old Andreans has indicated a desire among alumni to reconnect, not just with those in their own year group which happens in year-based reunions, but also with those whom they shared significant, life-changing experiences. A SACS music tour is absolutely one of those experiences.  

It was wonderful to welcome nearly 50 Old Andreans back to the Fairfax room. They had been on a wide variety of tours including UK and Italy 2001, UK and Ireland 2002, USA 2004, Europe 2006, Europe 2008, South Africa 2010, Europe 2012, USA 2014, Europe 2016 and UK 2018.  

A special mention must go to Yoshi Oshiro (OA2013), a multi-music tourist, who works as a music teacher at SACS, and had arrived back from the 2023 Music tour less than 24 hours before the event, yet still managed to make an appearance!  

The absolute highlight of the night, and a moment that will live long in our memories, was the impromptu singing performances.  Music tourists were able to flawlessly perform several pieces originally learned for a SACS Music Tour, sometimes more than a decade after they were originally sung. This shows that the music performed on a SACS Music Tour really does stay with you for life.  

To hear some musical highlights of the evening click here