21st Century Captain's Dinner
Friday, 3 March 2023


On February 10th we held our newly reformatted Captains Dinner and welcomed Captains and Vice Captains from 2000 back to SACS.  

In previous years the event has included all Captains and Vice-Captains from Dr John Collier’s era (2010-2021), but it has now been expanded to include all captains since 2000 and the onset of coeducation.  

We had a wonderful evening reconnecting, and our 2022/23 Captains were able to meet their counterparts from the last quarter century while dining at sunset on our freshly renovated rooftop. It was a pleasure to see a wide range of captains from the Heath, Collier and McGonigle eras. We welcomed Simon Breakspear (OA2000) back all the way up to our most recent captains Josh Ralph (OA2022) and Oli Millar (OA2022).  

A special shout-out must go to Melissa Wilson neè Hopwood (OA2000) who still came despite being 39 weeks pregnant!