President's report 2022
Monday, 7 November 2022

It can be unusual walking through St Andrew’s Cathedral School as an Old Andrean. At various times moments it will hit you. “That’s where I ate lunch with Chris”. “That’s where I had tutor group with Ben”. “That’s the room me and Will served detention for not doing our homework (that one time I think)”. While walls and desks have changed, a lot of things are the same. Students still sit on the rooftop for lunch, make friendships in tutor groups and get detention for not doing homework (on occasion). The School community continues through future memories being forged by today’s students and beyond graduation through our alumni association.  


This has been a big year for reunions with the Old Andreans Association (OAA). This was because we needed to make up for year groups who had missed reunions over the past two years due to the pandemic. It was a priority for us to ensure no year group lost their opportunity to connect and look back on their time at school. This meant we held reunions for ten year-groups this year! All reunions at least ten years out were held at the School. This was a great opportunity for Old Andreans to see what has changed and what has not as they looked back on old times.  


It was a pleasure to welcome so many graduates back to the School.  


For the Old Andreans not experiencing a reunion this year, there were other opportunities for alumni to connect. This year, SACS musicals were back with a stellar run of Annie. There was a community night for those involved in past musicals to have a drink and catch-up before enjoying the show. Also, to help welcome SACS’ new Head of School Dr Julie McGonigle, there was a Showcase pre-drinks event for alumni and Hessians (parents of Old Andreans) to meet her and catch up with each other. We were also delighted to welcome so many alumni across generations to the Alumni and Archive Day, where Chapter House was transformed into a pop-up museum. We have cherished the opportunity for graduates to give back to the School in other ways such as judging SACS Factor this year and speakers at events such as the Leadership Lunch for the newly commissioned student leaders. 


Another great joy each year is welcoming the graduating class into the association with a gift. It will be exciting to see the energy, ideas and character the class of 2022 will bring to the OAA.  


The OAA continues to grow in reaching members and engaging with the School community. This would not be possible without the hard work of those who have served on the OAA Council in recent years and those that support us in the broader school community.  

Thank you to the OAA 2022 Committee for providing so many opportunities for our members, to Alex Lynch (OA2005) who represents Old Andreans on the School Foundation Board and to Ben Waterhouse (OA1999) who is our representative on the School Council. I would also like to thank the School’s Community Engagement Team headed up by Lyn Jarvis and Alumni Co-ordinator Richard Hansen (OA2003) for their tireless efforts supporting the OAA. Finally, thank you to Dr Julie McGonigle for her encouragement and support. 


It has been humbling to serve as President of the Association for another year. I am thankful to all alumni who continue to contribute to this community, whether that be coaching sport, helping with music, coming to an event or simply reaching out to other alumni. There’s something special about our School. Even though all Old Andreans have left, there will still be students eating on the rooftop, chatting in tutor groups and failing to avoid detention. Because there’s an Andrean spirit that transcends the limits of any one student, year group or generation. A spirit that, at its best, reflects the love and grace embodied in “the way of the cross.”