Hatches and Matches
Monday, 7 November 2022

As ever, plenty of Old Andreans have tied the knot over the last few months and a few babies have been born. Here is a selection of some of them.

Emma Charles (OA2007) and Matthew Charles (OA2007)  

Emma Charles (nee Hansen) (OA2007) and Matthew Charles (OA2007) were thrilled to welcome Aurora Elodie Charles into the world on July 29th. Aurora – known as Rory, is doing delightfully well, and I can confirm she has learned how to smile already!  



Darcy Bray (OA2009) and Kate Robbins

Old Andrean Association’s ex-President Darcy Bray (OA2009) tied the knot with Kate Robbins in the Southern Highlands on July 30th this year. There were plenty of Old Andreans present, most notably ex Head of School Dr Allan Beavis OAM (OA1962) was on hand to play the organ in the church.  


Tom de Jersey (OA2011) and Morgan Baxter  

Tom de Jersey (OA2011) married Morgan Baxter in early August in Jervis Bay. As expected, there were plenty of Old Andreans present on the day.  

In attendance were siblings Lizzie de Jersey (OA2009) and Peter de Jersey (OA2013) as well as Bill Yole (OA2012), Lachlan Edmunds-Monroe (OA2011), Callum Moore (OA2011) and Marcello Morbelli (OA2005).  

Manasseh Oshiro (OA2011) and Nia Priskilla 

Manasseh Oshiro (OA2011) and Nia Priskilla tied the knot in Melbourne in late August. They were able to celebrate their special day with their son Benii and they are expecting their second child later this year. 

Lachlan Torres (OA2014) and Madison Hollamby 

Lachlan Torres (OA2014) married Madison Hollamby in St Andrew’s Cathedral on September 23rd this year. Interestingly, their ceremony commenced just 30 minutes after the conclusion of the 2022 Year 12 Valedictory Service! Many in the SACS community were therefore not too far away when they tied the knot.  

Jasmine Hart (OA2011) and Fraser Hamersley (OA2011)  

Jasmine Hart (OA2011) and Fraser Hamersley (OA2011) were married on the NSW North Coast in October, adding to the rich tapestry of double Old Andrean weddings!    

The ceremony was even officiated by two Old Andreans - the couple were formally married by Alex and Annie Hart (nee Briggs) (OA2010) who are also pictured below with their baby Theodore Michael.   

Other Old Andreans there were Zac Simpson, Anthony Facer, Christian Facer, Belinda Smole, Oscar Condon, Liam Cleary, George Gillies and Billy Clarke (all OA2011)