Friends of SACS and Gawura
Monday, 7 November 2022

On Thursday 27th October the School held a thank you event for the volunteers and donors who contributed to SACS and Gawura so richly throughout the year.  

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, where all guests were treated like celebrities and showered with praise (and selfies) by the assembled paparazzi. Plenty of Old Andreans were present, both from the OAA executive and further afield.  

Among the Old Andrean guests were Bindi Jarvis (OA2010), Matt Noble (OA2005), Lynley Hurst (OA2013), David Gosling (OA1993), Ben Waterhouse (OA1995), Michael Gordon (OA1991), Richard Hansen (OA2003), Amelia Charles (OA2007) and Zac Simpson (OA2011).  

Here is a selection of pictures from the evening.