Hatches and Matches
Friday, 3 March 2023

Hatches and Matches  

We have news of recent Old Andrean marriages and births to share. 

Pete Leung (OA2003) welcomed Lachlan Kwok Hung Velcar-Leung into the world on 25th January this year. By all accounts Mum and Lachlan are doing well!  


Chris Turner (OA2009), who is the Public Officer on the Old Andreans Association and Bec Turner nee Scott (OA2009) welcomed their first baby Otis this January. It is especially wonderful to welcome babies of not one but two Old Andreans!    



Lauren McKinnon (OA2010) tied the knot with Luke Clout at Austinmer Beach on February 4th this year. Old Andreans were also well represented in the bridal party with Monisha Athavle (OA2010) being a bridesmaid.  

Bryden Ellens (OA2009) married Imogen O’Brien on January 21st this year. Bryden’s brother Lindsay Ellens (OA2005) was the Best Man. Bryden and Lindsay who were both Choristers come from a long line of Old Andreans, with their father Hugh Ellens (OA1972) also Head Chorister in 1969.  


Naoko Keatley nee Miyamoto (OA1999) and her husband Niall Keatley welcomed their second baby Connor into the world this February. Naoko who lives in London was one of the 74 original girls at SACS and was inducted into the Hall of Honour in 2017 for her achievements in Music.   


Lizzie Grant nee Garrett (OA2008) married Alex Grant on November 26th this year. Lizzie who spent many years on the OAA Council tied the knot on the banks of the Hawkesbury River with a number of Llamas present!  



Matt Harris (OA2005) married Rachel Hunt last year on December 17th. There were several Old Andreans present on the day including Josh Lloyd (OA2005) and Matt’s brother Harry Harris (OA2003) who was the Best Man.  


Dacien Hadland (OA2000) married Shaun Beer on January 3rd this year and they are now both known as Hadland-Beer. Dacien, who is a Technical Manager at Channel 7 has an award presented in his name each year at the Evening of Celebration and Prizegiving for Audio Visual Excellence.